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Spinnaker Advantages

Predictable Budgeting

At Spinnaker, our goal is not to nickel and dime you to death. We have simple packages that include everything. We are not going try to up sell you into a larger package. We give you one price and that will be what you can budget for.

System Updates Included

As our software platform evolves, you will not get left in the dust. We also will not ask you to pony up thousands of dollars as we upgrade your site to our latest and greatest.

Community Feature Development

Have an idea for a feature? We’ll likely develop it for free. Yes, free as long as it is something we can implement and think our other clients would benefit from.

Also, as we develop features for other clients, we can roll those out for you as well.

No Long-term Contracts

Unlike some of our competitors, we do not require a long-term contract. We really want to keep you as a client because you are happy with the service we deliver, not because you were required to sign a two- or three-year contract.


What Else Sets Spinnaker Apart – Sailing Ahead of the Pack

We Understand Local Governments

We understand the challenges you face. We are not just web developers. Our company president has served as a legislator, and in that capacity he has worked with city councils, mayors and city administrators to solve problems. Also, his father-in-law is a city administrator.

We’re Involved

Our partners have also involved in the following organizations.

Kansas Advisory Council on Intergovernmental Relations – A state advisory council that works to reduce red tape that exists in how Kansas units of government interact with each other

Kansas Partnership for Accessible Technology – A group that addresses web and information technology accessibility issues for Kansas agencies and provides related policy, standards, guidelines, and procedural recommendations.