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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ is written for our existing clients. Prospective clients might want to see our Why Spinnaker FAQ.

How do I log into my website?
You can also learn more in the Plone tutorial.
Do you have a cheat sheet I can print out to help with editing my website?
Yes, we have a Plone 4 Cheat Sheet available for download and printing.
Does Spinnaker keep statistics for my website?
We typically utilize both Google Analytics and AW Stats. Both are great programs that offer slightly different reporting. We have clients that prefer one over the other, please contact us to learn more.
How do I access those statistics?
Google Analytics -
If you have not accessed them before, we may need your google account (typically your gmail address) to give you access to the account.
AW Stats -
(We can supply you with a username/password if you have never accessed this before.)