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Feedback Forms

Forms are a useful feature for many websites. Using Plone FormGen we can help you create a form that users can fill out and submit data back to you. Typically the data is submitted via email back to you, but it can also be saved in a csv file, which can be downloaded and opened using Microsoft Excel.

Using Plone FormGen
Contact Spinnaker to make sure Plone FormGen is installed for your site.

Add a Form Folder to the area of your site where you will want the form. Give the new form a title and either click "Save" or "Next". You can go through all of the screens or just click save on the first screen.

Next start adding the fields you will want to have submitted.

Tips: When wanting a "Title", add a stringfield called "position" and then click edit to change it to title. Title is a restricted id within Plone, so Plone will throw an error if you try to add a field called title.

Hint: By clicking the contents tab, you can change the order of the form elements.

Types of Fields
Stringfield - Most common field type. Can utilize both letters and numbers.

Adding a Data Adapter
A Data Adapter allows the form data to be saved and downloaded later.